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Home Automation

The science applied to home automation in its interpretation xefiro by Automa is technology in the service of your desires: you dream of, xefiro acts. The fruit of our research is a comfortable and cosy environment, designed around you.


As the gentle breeze that it recalls, xefiro by Automa silently lights your environment, heats or cools your rooms, refreshes your garden and fills the space with smells around you, fills your evenings with contents always new. Everything you want, one click away from you.



In no uncertain terms, we can claim to be able to manage any function with a simple “CLICK”. Xefiro by Automa, in fact, allows for the automation of any technical function and technology and make it available to the remote control.

Night mode, day mode, away mode, inside the house mode, waking up mode; with a “click” the xefiro by Automa system will do whatever it has been programmed for: switching off the lights, alarms system activation, shutters closing, temperature regulation in the different zones etc…
The limit to the applications for the improvement of the comfort is only the fantasy!

Lighting technique

Managing levels of custom lighting to give the place an exclusive character and offer to the user a feeling of relaxation that can also be set depending on the sunlight, the time of the day or the season.
Make every area of our house customizable according to the life situations and contexts (scenarios). Not to forget that the choice of an optimal environmental set up is subjective and the xefiro by Automa System is specifically prepared for this, allowing you to record different combinations for different users.


Live Video, Video library, Internet, Streaming TV, Audio library, VoIP telephony, Video intercom on TV, Process control on TV. Our evolved way to understand the home management.
The television becomes a real control terminal of all domestic functions, always with the standard management of the unique remote control that is able to manage any television unit of the home, simply adapting itself to the specific room location. The “Media” level is also the basic prerequisite for an effective of the next level “Survey”.


The installation predispositions are few but important. In no case, they are hampered by the need for constructive and are essential for a successful implementation of the system. The focal points are the zone electrical panel (or panels) and the junction box.

Regarding to the electrical panel, it is important to give it dimensions in order to enable it to receive the basic technologies necessary to feed the system and any system’s server for the management of multimedia and connectivity.

For the junction boxes, it is opportune to accurately observe the division between the shunts of: motivity, lighting and services.


Air conditioning (cooling and heating) and lighting technique are the main sources of energetic consumption in our houses.
For a better energetic efficiency of the air-conditioning system, we can subdivide it in zones. With the distribution of sensing electrodes, we can set the correct average temperature. With the sensors on the windows, we can identify the points of escape of the energy and take part on the system in order to avoid useless attempts of regulation, cause of inefficiency and waste.
We can automate the switching on/switching off of lights by means of presence detecting sensors and brightness detection. The control of electrical loads will enable us to drive the management of the energetic consumption depending on the energy costs.

Safety & security

Speaking about safety we can at least identify two environments, the technical environment security and the anti-intrusion personal security.
Whether when we are at home or when we are away from home, controlling of situations that can bring damage to our house is undoubtedly essential.
Detection of flooding, harmful gases, principles of fire enable it to intervene automatically or on request to prevent catastrophic damage to our house.
Perimetric, volumetric and video surveillance systems can be integrated to give serenity at home and outside, with or without our presence.


All the simplifications that Home automation brings us and that are usually perceived as increased comfort become essential to improve and make more independent the life of disadvantaged people such as elderly or disabled.

Through a Wi-Fi remote control, we centralize the functionalities, we make everything at hand that requires effort and agility.

It is still not enough. “AAL” (ambient assisted living) and “Health Care” at a distance. An activity made possible by gathering information tools and communication present in the xefiro by Automa infrastructure.


Over CAN-Bus

Over CAN Bus are located all the devices that directly affect process control: Sense (the home sensorial network), Command (the matrix of manual controls), Control (simple and immediate control) and Communicate (communicate and interact).
The devices managed via CAN Bus are intelligent units, each equipped with Plug & Play self-configuration ability, which are automatically detected by the system. The automatic detection feature provides a list of devices and gives the possibility, using a “wizard”, to configure them, that is:

  • Identification, by means of “mnemonic christening”,
  • Assignment of a functionality,
  • Association to related devices to execute the assigned functionality.

When new devices are added after the initial configuration, they are identified and reported by the system, which asks for their configuration by means of the “wizard”.
All these details make xefiro by Automa technology a very flexible system, extremely simple to manage.

Over IP

Over IP we can place all the devices dedicated to supervision, entertainment and advanced security (video control and video surveillance for intrusion detection).
The available devices are based on embedded Linux architectures, fanless, with high processing power and low power consumption.
Although these devices can be thought of as “sensorial network” (Sense), “monitoring network” (Control) and “communication network”(Communicate).
Over IP is our access portal to the technologies and to all the services they provide us with, the instrument for managing and using our Domotic System. By means of Over IP devices we can:

  • configure and control the features of the technological devices;
  • communicate or video-communicate by means of digital technologies;
  • enjoy multimedia contents;
  • surf on the Internet;
  • control the safety and security of our rooms.
Dealers hunting

Automa always takes great care to select partners who share our passion for people and technology.
If you are interested in our solutions and are looking for an attentive, competent and technologically advanced installer, we invite you to contact our sales offices: we will find together the solution that best suits your needs.

Contact us at:

Become a dealer

If you share our passion for people and technology, if you are interested in a partner that pay attention to the training, this could be your chance.

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Resort Adamo & Eva

The splendid resort in Numana, Italy, is being finalized. Composed of 246 apartments, all with the home automation system xefiro, has a large recreation area and a great location, close to the beach.


AUTOMA was present at the event Casa Cor 2011 MS combining fun with technology. CASA COR is the biggest event of the architecture and decoration of the Americas and the second in the world. Check out the full article:

JADE Network Matching

Automa and Arielab take part in the Jade Network Matching event, taking place from the 11th to the 15th April at the Hotel Excelsior “La Fonte” in Portonovo.
This is the official start of the activities that will lead to the birth of the Marches district for active longevity i-Live, that arise from the JADE (Joining Approaches for the integration and Development of transnational knowledge clusters policies related to independent living of Elderly) project.
An opportunity to present the projects of domotics and telecare developed by both companies to a selected international business audience.

Adamo ed Eva

With xefiro, through our video cameras, we are able to remotely control, at any time and from any place that is set up with an Internet connection, our environments.

We have installed a video camera at the site of the “Adamo and Eva” resort, in which all the apartments are equipped with the xefiro’s home automation technology, so that the future owners can monitor the construction.

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